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Gray and Cold.

Life after circumventing Hogwarts' security

5 June
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Will show you the wrong sort, Potter.

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It's long after dawn. Professor Snape tells me the Dark Lord is impressed by my performance. At midday, before my meeting with the dark lord, Mother comes to the hall room where I wait. She has sneaked into the room silently, but her tone is urgent when she speaks that she has come to pick me up. I was left no choice on the matter but to come along, but I understand nothing of the situation.

Before I know it, we are walking amidst the muggles. Mother orders me to speak not. We descend stairs in the middle of the muggle city street. The lights die out, 'could have been day or night time up there. Something steely arrives, I sense it, but I only see the doors opening up to me. Mother urges me inside and I don't get to speak, again.

We find the only two spare and tag-along seats are those facing an old, visually-unpleasant muggle of questionable gender. Despite my protest, we don't move and Mother shushes me.

It started moving and it followed loud noise while the thing gained speed and the landscape of a muggle station changed to a damp, dark, goblin-cave wall. Rings tied by cords to the roof swung while I am reminded of the reputation of the Knightbus. The lights go off momentarily and I inwardly reach for my mother. 'Could have been a Gringott's cart, the way it rattled.

A dozen stations later and the ugly muggle was gone, but we stayed for three times their journey. I bit down the "are we there yet?" Both because it made me look childish, and also because mother had grown tense any lesser since we boarded the muggle express. At last we stood and, wordlessly, like everything else, I was dragged away somewhere else... to another express. Growing bored and yet remaining silent, sure not to be about spilling on magical matters with filthy muggles around, finally we climbed out the second sub-bay and I stared with some panic because a new one was arriving.

But this time, Mother went the other way; we hid behind a muggle newspaper stand giving news of the last unexplainable happenings. I know what is coming now and I hold to Mother's arm, ashamed once more how much that made me look like a child. Our feet hit the snow next moment. We are facing a wall, the back of a shop which looks familiar. I register Mother's a bit more relaxed tone sentencing we are here.

"Draco, you are at Hogwarts."